Non-Research Writing

Writing can still be painstaking even if it does not involve thorough analysis of materials. This non-research academic writing service is a simple and affordable online writing solution for general academic writing requirement that involves discussing a topic or idea about a particular subject. It can be a response based on personal opinions or a summary of a provided material.

Take note that your assignment falls under this service category if it DOES NOT involve researching, extensive reading and referencing, and analyzing three or more source materials.

  • General and Specialized Essays: Informative or Expository Essay, Explanatory Essay, Argumentative Essay, Cause and Effect Essay, and Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Response and Reaction Papers: Persuasive Essays, Descriptive Essays, Process Essays, Book Review, Film Review, Literature Response, Reflection Paper, Summary Paper, and Learning Journal or Personal Logs
  • Creative Fiction and Non-Fiction: Narrative Essay, Biography and Autobiography, Personal and Professional Letter Writing, Story Writing such as Short Stories and Novelette, and Feature Writing

Research-based writing is an inseparable part of your academic life. Our research and report writing service is an online academic writing solution designed to help you turn over a paper that discuss and evaluate facts or present and develop an argument based on sound research and analysis of reference materials.

Your assignment falls under this service category if it generally requires presenting an argument or idea about a topic or issue based on information obtained from researching, extensive reading and referencing, and analyzing three or more source materials.

  • Thesis and Dissertation: Thesis and Dissertation, Research Proposal, Review of Literature, Methodology, Discussion of Findings, and Annotated Bibliography.
  • Business Writing: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Market Research or Industry and Competitor Analysis, Feasibility Study, Proposal, Situational Analysis, and Business Case Analysis.
  • Other Research and Reports: Term Paper, Argumentative and Analytical Paper, Cause and Effect Paper, Compare and Contrast Paper, Investigative Report, and Exploratory Report.

Online classes are convenient only if there are no other priorities to juggle. This is why we have developed an online academic solution designed to help you breeze through their e-learning courses requirements.

Through the expertise of online assignment helpers and tutors, this service specifically involves supervising you throughout the duration of your our course by assisting you with turning over assignments and completing online examples.        


Need help with accounting and finance? Struggling with your Excel sheet? How about in analyzing the data you have collected from your research? We can help you crunch those numbers!

We offer an online calculation service to assist students like you deal with numeracy-related assignments. This service specifically involves academic requirements such as solving mathematical problems for various fields of discipline and courses or using mathematical models to solve a problem or complete a given requirement.


Grab the attention of your audience and draw them toward an immersive experience. Our presentation service helps you produce a visual output based on a PowerPoint or Keynote file format to supplement oral and written presentation.

We can transform textual contents into an immersive, powerful, and effective presentation based on design considerations and presentation standards. Note that this service is limited to creating presentation based on a provided written and reading materials or documents.


Ready your paper for submission! Our online editing service is a straightforward solution to improve the readability and overall presentation of your academic paper by thoroughly correcting and refining your content and writing style, and formatting its final appearance according to academic and professional standards.

Take advantage of the following inclusions in our online editing service:

  • Checking and correcting for errors in grammar and syntax, spelling, punctuation, and language standard, as well as in typesetting, pagination, and margin
  • Refining of writing style through vocabulary improvement, and sentence and paragraph improvement with word count reduction
  • Improving discussion by ensuring ideas and concepts are coherent and that the structure follows academic and professional standards.
  • Formatting standards that include subtitle placement, header and footer considerations, and citation and referencing style.