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    Sample management paper: Critical Management Studies

    Critical management studies (CMS) provides an alternative view of management systems, theories and doctrines that we have accepted. Apart from management it also involves other disciplines and is mainly focused on providing critique of the practices and execution of different disciplines and not just management. The critique calls for debate and discourse and does not…

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    Sample Paper: Cooperatives

    Co-operatives Forming an organization is not easy as it entails different requirements, sufficient number of people and a common goal to assure that the organization will be successfully initiated. An example of a small group is a co-operative. This paper discusses the idea that co-operative can be an alternative to the organization will be considered…

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    Sample Paper: Global Risks

    Introduction             The changing nature of global risks, such as those associated with the environment, has changed the way business is done. This has caused the increase in global awareness among people because their impact to people and the environment can be seriously damaging not only to people’s lives but also to other important aspects…

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    Sample Medical Article on Hypertension

    Hypertension overview Hypertension is a clinical term for the high blood pressure. An individual is said to have hypertension when blood pressure is higher than the normal range most of the time. A normal blood pressure is when most of the time the blood pressure readings are 120/80 mmHg (or slightly lower). Blood pressure measurement…