Global Market and World Peace (SAMPLE GLOBALIZATION ESSAY)

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We are in the most dynamic of times because the global economic and political systems are vastly changing (Gilpin & Gilpin, 2000, p. 1). As the critics have said, the world, as led by the United States of America, has entered “the Second Great Age of Global Capitalism” (2000, p. 1).

Hence, we have already established a global market that is hailed as a purveyor of an international or global economy. This global market is said to bring greater interdependence amongst nations.

It paves for world peace as the global market. The is because it is considered a bridge between the rich and the poor countries.

As everyone assumes a cohesive and unified global economy, this is not always the true case of a market economy.

The significance of this unified economies can be assessed by the overall development of the nations of the world.

In the aspect of world peace, so much can be said about the impacts of global trading in the social development of the nations.

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College Essay Example: CSIA 301 Case Study #1

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The main purpose of endpoint protection platform (EPP) is to secure any computer system or hardware from malicious attacks (Dalziel, 2015). EPP software aims to detect intrusions such as malwares that may harm the integrity of the system. EPP software detects behavioral patterns in all types of malwares (Dalziel, 2015). The key to successful detection is the ability of EPP software to deal with an average of 100 MB .dat files and thousands added each day to accurately capture a pattern (Dalziel, 2015). In recent years, most companies rely on EPPs to secure their computer systems. Generally, EPP comprises products, namely, anti-malware, anti-spyware, firewalls, intrusion prevention, port and device protection, full-disk and file encryption, endpoint data loss prevention, vulnerability assessment, application control, and mobile device management (Firstbrook, Girard, & MacDonald, 2013). How each is applied depends on the need of the users.

Most EPP companies today rely on classic signature-based attack detection or “compromise-first detection” because of the difficulty to differentiate between normal and attack modes, resulting in both high false positives and high false negatives (Dalziel, 2015, p.3). This situation occurs when EPP software is unable to distinguish between normal and attack traffic, resulting in the overlap of two distributions evaluated by the EPP software (Dalziel, 2015). This study selects and reviews the capabilities of ESET.

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Sample Finance Essay: How and to whom do the financial statements make firms accountable?



International accounting policies and practices in financial reporting are adopted to create equilibrium within the global context. Public interest theory motivates regulatory bodies such as the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Financial reports are important to both shareholders and investors. The main objectives of financial reporting are to “provide information useful to potential investors and creditors for their rational investment and other financial decisions; [and to] provide information on the economic resources of the company” (Bohusova and Nerudova 36). Financial reports have special purposes and target audiences. Financial reports have seven user groups including equity investor group (existing and potential shareholders), loan creditor groups, employee group, analyst-adviser group, business contact group (suppliers, trade creditors, customers and competitors), the government (for tax purposes and regulation), and the general public that might have political and economic interests in knowing how a firm performed (Alexander and Britton 9). Understanding the contents of financial reports also varies among these different groups. Despite the differences among different users, their economic decisions are similar (Young 590). Hence, financial reports serve the information needs of various groups (Young 579).

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Sample Management Essay: Companies vs. Cooperatives

Each organization has its own style of managing its people depending on the principles and values it is pursuing. The set of principles also differs according to the type of organization and how each task has been divided among the members. It is not only with the style of principles that these organizations differ but with the values as well. They also claim that pursuing the values is the key to achieving their goals and success. However, the path towards success is not a smooth road for there will always be challenges along the way. One of the challenges is how their values affect the organization’s processes and the way they manage everyone who is part of it.

Differences in Objectives

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Sample Management Essay: Gender Discrimination in the Workplace


Gender discrimination becomes an issue in the workplace whenever workers of different genders are not treated fairly. Wherein women and men are given different types of work even if both of them can actually do the tasks and get the same results. Gender discrimination is usually against women wherein they are not treated the same as men in terms of promotion and even in the salary received.

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