Negotiating Contract with an Offshore Supplier (SAMPLE GLOBALIZATION ESSAY)

negotiating contract


Negotiating contract with an offshore supplier is tough. McMillan LLP referred to it as “outsourcing” or transferring a business activity or function from a client/customer to a local or international third party supplier or service provider” (2016, p. 1).

This is a common practice now in the operations of business companies since the global economy has facilitated the transfer of goods and services even across national borders.

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Application lifecycle management or ALM provides software companies and application developers with a rigid process for supervising the planning, development, testing, governance, maintenance, and retirement of their computer programs or software products. This rigid process includes a holistic description of deliverables and project owners, as well as a roadmap and timetable for each stage of the product lifecycle. Furthermore, the ALM covers both the development phases of and after-sales or technical support activities for software products (Office of Government Commerce, 2002). For organizations involved in the development of software for information technology security, a well-placed ALM guarantees the development of effective and high-quality products.

Note that the five pillars of information security are protection, detection, reaction, documentation, and prevention (Ameri, 2004). Through ALM, specifically with the use of an ALM software, software developers can identify errors and nuisances that might render a particular software product vulnerable to security risks. ALM also provides a process for trial-and-error to improve further the integrity of the product. Documentation is also inherent in ALM because it organizes and records other processes concerning software development.

This paper introduces SpiraTeam—an ALM software developed and marketed by Inflectra. Furthermore, this paper highly recommends the use of this product to promote security by ensuring software development standards and quality assurance.

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Education has always been the foundation of personal and career development. Broadly speaking education leads invention, innovation, and technology. From the onset, technology has especially catered to many of our needs. From communication to sending files, technology has indeed made it easier for humans to transact and interact. In the recent years, technological advances have even allowed people to push the boundaries by linking it to education. Online education has gained worldwide interest and is continually developing. The setting and flexibility of time appeal in such a way as it is a convenient alternative to the traditional means of education.

In this paper, I argue that the advantages of online education outweigh the disadvantages. To establish this idea, I will discuss the factors that make online education a recurring interest, including the recent developments in technology used in online education, and its advantages and compared to traditional education. Finally, arguments contracting these ideas will also be discussed.

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College Essay Example: Risk Society: Modernist Theory and Its Critique

What is Risk Society?

The German sociologist, Ulrich Beck, theorized the risk of modernity through his book entitled, “Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity” (Jarvis, p. 24). This was written 18 years ago, and it still holds a profound influence on thinkers, industrialist, and the academic community. Specifically, the risk which Beck delved on is the risk of globalization. He argued that as civilization moves towards greater globalization, the risk is inherent (p. 24). Risk in the modern world is basically brought by technological changes (p. 25).

Rapid changes in technology bring new types of risks, and people need to continuously adapt or adjust to these changes (Cantelli, Kodate, & Krieger, p. 1). Beck argued that the risk society Continue reading “College Essay Example: Risk Society: Modernist Theory and Its Critique”


Sample Management Essay: Risks Facing the Society: The Extent of the Risks Changing Quantitatively and Qualitatively

Risks are measurable using either a quantitative or qualitative approach. In the context of the risks facing the greater society, it is safe to assume that they are always changing in terms of their quantitative and qualitative scope of influence. This is because underlying causes and threats, as well as related factors and circumstances, can exacerbate a specific risk while opportunities as well as solutions and circumstances can lessen such. Nonetheless, determining the extent in which these risks are changing both quantitatively or qualitatively can be tricky because of the variability of associated factors and diversity in related circumstances.

The field of risk management has nonetheless emerged to deal with risks affecting different fields and disciplines to include business and organization management, economy and finance, and governance and society. Part of risk management is Continue reading “Sample Management Essay: Risks Facing the Society: The Extent of the Risks Changing Quantitatively and Qualitatively”