GLOBALIZATION COLLEGE ESSAY: Globalization: The interrelatedness of cultural, economic and political factors across the world


The 21st century appears to be marked by the effacement of the east and west. Technology has transcended many aspects of human lives that geographic distance among countries no longer matters.

The internet and media have been instrumental in bridging relationships among people of all nations. Its reach and accessibility have crossed borders and have more closely and independently influenced people.

These communication technologies have expanded and accelerated global connectivity (Tomlinson, 2007, p. 352). Also, international travel has made possible the connections among countries and has facilitated social, cultural, economic and political influences.

Faster and more efficient modes of transportation have provided opportunities for increased exchanges among countries.

Towards increased globalization, interconnections and interdependencies have quickly developed and have become deep as these have become the way of life in the modern world (Tomlinson, 2007, p. 352).

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College Essay Example: Endpoint Protection Platform


Endpoint Protection Platform primarily includes malware detection capabilities and comprehensive endpoint security features such as firewalls, email antivirus, filters, Host IPS, device control, application control, mobile antivirus and encryption. It provides protection to the central network of a corporate or business. It is beneficial to the business since it can minimize operation costs by providing simple daily security processes and optimizing response time. Most endpoint security is capable of developing security reports for analysis in an instant reducing time to about 45% and reducing incident response time by 31% (Metcalf, 2015: Dominguez, 2016).

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Sample Dissertation Questionnaire: BANK BRANDING

Questionnaire with answers


Name of Customer


Company Name

Business Address



Greetings! I would like to take a few minutes of your time by requesting you to accomplish the questionnaire on branding in the banking industry.

I am doing a study on how branding affects customer preference or choice of bank. The study specifically intends to look into the phenomenon of branding as a relatively new concept in the banking industry. It seeks to know how branding is used by banks to influence the buying behavior of customers. The results of this study are going to be used as inputs to introducing improvements to the services offered by banks.

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Sample Management Essay: Why Cooperatives Offer a Better and More Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Forms of Capitalistic Organization

A cooperative is an organization formed by volunteer members to meet specific needs. Note that a cooperative can be a non-profit or profit-oriented organization. In addition, there are several types of cooperatives such as agricultural cooperative, consumer cooperative, worker cooperative, and cooperative banks and credit unions, among others. Nonetheless, when compared to traditional forms of capitalistic organizations, cooperatives can offer better and sustainable benefits or advantages because of the degree of democracy within the leadership that allows members to participate fully and effectively.

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Sample Marketing Essay: Consumer Societies and Traditional Neighborhoods

Today, we are faced with a culture that encourages and urges us to buy popular brands and the latest gadgets. Buying and having what most of us perceive as necessities is a common norm among households in most cultures; trends and fads have become major influences when it comes to decision-making.

A greater part of our society is now driven by advertising and consumer credit, sadly eroding the values of our traditional societies. In terms of consuming necessities, we consume more than twice of what we used to half a century ago. While these might appear that the population has gone affluent, this is hardly the case. Continue reading “Sample Marketing Essay: Consumer Societies and Traditional Neighborhoods”