Sample Admission Essay for a Degree in Health Administration

Taking no for an answer. The guts to never give up. Most of the time, we tend to identify ourselves with various idealistic proverbs or dictums and use them as motivation to pursue our hopes and dreams. I, myself, have carried out a handful of dictums that have never failed to bring forth enthusiasm in all the things I have done. In my pursuit to become a better person, and for a better future, I traversed different paths wherein trials and challenges accompanied me at times. I am still, however, enthusiastic to continue seeking both personal and professional development; doing so, nonetheless, means further pursuing education to discover new possibilities. Thus, with the right frame of mind shaped by my ideals, specifically by my idealistic dictums in life, I am planning to make new realities as I pursue a degree in Health Administration and become the first Saudi Arabian woman to hold such degree. Continue reading “Sample Admission Essay for a Degree in Health Administration”

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