Prewriting: Collecting sources and online research

Online Research

Information remains relevant in all aspects of writing—whether a person is writing a technical paper, academic paper, or even a work of fiction—because they serve as the basis for all thoughts, ideas, messages, concepts, themes, and discussions.

However, in researching for information, there should always be a conscious understanding of the scope and limitations of the writing. Focus brings forth such scope and limitations. This means that whenever a writer collects and collate information, he or she should only consider those sources related to the topic.

 Our writing tutors and online essay help providers have come up with the following important reminders and guidelines for collecting and collating information”

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Prewriting: How to come up with an essay or research topic?

Thinking of a topic

Writing tutors and teachers know for a fact that students can have a hard time coming up with an essay or research topic. Some resort to recycling overused topics while others become susceptible to discussing a new topic without depth,

Writing will never commence without a topic and purpose in mind. Therefore, answering the “what” and “why” of the writing process becomes valuable. Hence, in developing the topic and determining the purpose, a writer should be able to answer the following questions:

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Writing help: 5 tips to writing high quality essays and academic papers

Hitting the mark is the key to success

If you do not consider yourself as a wordsmith, chances are, you dread essays and academic papers as much as you dread seating besides your obnoxious classmate. These papers are staple requirements in the academe nonetheless. Whether you like it or not, you will have to face your fears in writing.

Remember that most of our fears stem from threading an unfamiliar territory. Nonetheless, these 5 tips to writing high quality essays and academic papers are surefire way to help you start and finish your writing assignment.

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Online essay help: Some of the common types of essay


Because essay is the most common of all academic writing assignments, its scope is far reaching. There are essentially different types of essay, each having a more specific scope and purpose.

As much as possible, our essay writing tutors strive hard to help our students identify a specific type of essay they need to write. Thus, when providing online essay help, we see to it that our students are familiar with some of the common types of essay.

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Online essay help: The parts of an essay


An essay is the most common among the slew of academic writing assignments. An essay is essentially a piece of writing intended to convey a position or an argument about a particular topic while expounding such through a series of discussions.

When providing online essay help and, our essay writing tutors initially teach our students the basic parts or structures of an essay to get them acquainted with the entire scope of the process involved in writhing this particular type of academic paper.

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