Negotiating Contract with an Offshore Supplier (SAMPLE GLOBALIZATION ESSAY)

negotiating contract


Negotiating contract with an offshore supplier is tough. McMillan LLP referred to it as “outsourcing” or transferring a business activity or function from a client/customer to a local or international third party supplier or service provider” (2016, p. 1).

This is a common practice now in the operations of business companies since the global economy has facilitated the transfer of goods and services even across national borders.

Many companies nowadays turn to outsourcing in order to compete more effectively in the global market. This is because Continue reading “Negotiating Contract with an Offshore Supplier (SAMPLE GLOBALIZATION ESSAY)”


Global Market and World Peace (SAMPLE GLOBALIZATION ESSAY)

global market


We are in the most dynamic of times because the global economic and political systems are vastly changing (Gilpin & Gilpin, 2000, p. 1). As the critics have said, the world, as led by the United States of America, has entered “the Second Great Age of Global Capitalism” (2000, p. 1).

Hence, we have already established a global market that is hailed as a purveyor of an international or global economy. This global market is said to bring greater interdependence amongst nations.

It paves for world peace as the global market. The is because it is considered a bridge between the rich and the poor countries.

As everyone assumes a cohesive and unified global economy, this is not always the true case of a market economy.

The significance of this unified economies can be assessed by the overall development of the nations of the world.

In the aspect of world peace, so much can be said about the impacts of global trading in the social development of the nations.

This paper attempts to explore the negative concerns on the statement that “establishing a global market is the pathway to world peace.” Continue reading “Global Market and World Peace (SAMPLE GLOBALIZATION ESSAY)”


Manager’s Consequences in the Global and Local Context (GLOBALIZATION COLLEGE ESSAY)

The backbone of any good business is reflected in the way a manager handles the various roles in an organization.

The toll that a manager would receive in this regard is that there are also consequences to the daily management of a business as it critically requires a manager to fulfill tasks essential to running a successful business.

Some of these tasks include being the “leader, negotiator, figurehead, liaison, and communicator” (The role of the manager in an evolving organization, 2016).

These roles are made even more complicated by the fact that contemporary managers are no longer confined singularly to local business management but work in multi-national companies which consequently implicate the social and economic circumstances for them on top of dealing with the global dynamics and neglecting social issues.

This paper focuses on this subject and examines these consequences and circumstances.pastedGraphic.png Continue reading “Manager’s Consequences in the Global and Local Context (GLOBALIZATION COLLEGE ESSAY)”


BUSINESS ESSAY EXAMPLE: Consumer: Culprit to the Culture Disintegration


When nations decided to participate in trade with other nations, the exchange of goods and information also facilitate the intercontinental flow of culture.

This, in effect significantly alter the world (Ritzer & Malone, 2001). This event in history is broadly termed as globalization.

The definition of globalization varies depending on the context by which an author wishes to use the word.

Too often than not, the term globalization is associated with the concept of commercialism. However, globalization does not only account for economic activities; rather it covers a wider perspective.

Given its multidimensional facet, globalization includes cultural, social, political and ideological events (Prasad, 2006).

Consequently, the plethora of controversies and debates on the significant effects of globalization to culture and the society remains under-researched.

Controversies surround the effect of the globalized economy in the maintaining the integrity of cultural diversity (Acosta & Gonzalez, 2010).

The principle of consumerism has led to the materialization of the society which is perceived to cause cultural disintegration and degradation.

For the purpose of establishing this argument, this paper would utilize Continue reading “BUSINESS ESSAY EXAMPLE: Consumer: Culprit to the Culture Disintegration”


BUSINESS ESSAY EXAMPLE: Linguistic Diversity


“How do you manage your target market for Em-Ah-Eye?” Mr. Li blurted out in the middle of our business meeting. “I’m sorry?” I asked as I resisted to furrow my brows trying not to offend the person. Suddenly, the momentum of the meeting was derailed. “Was that, MAI?!” I thought to myself.

This may happen in many multilingual workplaces, a team member who is not a native speaker of English struggles to express his thoughts to the untrained ears of his teammates.

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