Global Market and World Peace (SAMPLE GLOBALIZATION ESSAY)

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We are in the most dynamic of times because the global economic and political systems are vastly changing (Gilpin & Gilpin, 2000, p. 1). As the critics have said, the world, as led by the United States of America, has entered “the Second Great Age of Global Capitalism” (2000, p. 1).

Hence, we have already established a global market that is hailed as a purveyor of an international or global economy. This global market is said to bring greater interdependence amongst nations.

It paves for world peace as the global market. The is because it is considered a bridge between the rich and the poor countries.

As everyone assumes a cohesive and unified global economy, this is not always the true case of a market economy.

The significance of this unified economies can be assessed by the overall development of the nations of the world.

In the aspect of world peace, so much can be said about the impacts of global trading in the social development of the nations.

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Manager’s Consequences in the Global and Local Context (GLOBALIZATION COLLEGE ESSAY)

The backbone of any good business is reflected in the way a manager handles the various roles in an organization.

The toll that a manager would receive in this regard is that there are also consequences to the daily management of a business as it critically requires a manager to fulfill tasks essential to running a successful business.

Some of these tasks include being the “leader, negotiator, figurehead, liaison, and communicator” (The role of the manager in an evolving organization, 2016).

These roles are made even more complicated by the fact that contemporary managers are no longer confined singularly to local business management but work in multi-national companies which consequently implicate the social and economic circumstances for them on top of dealing with the global dynamics and neglecting social issues.

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BUSINESS ESSAY EXAMPLE: Linguistic Diversity


“How do you manage your target market for Em-Ah-Eye?” Mr. Li blurted out in the middle of our business meeting. “I’m sorry?” I asked as I resisted to furrow my brows trying not to offend the person. Suddenly, the momentum of the meeting was derailed. “Was that, MAI?!” I thought to myself.

This may happen in many multilingual workplaces, a team member who is not a native speaker of English struggles to express his thoughts to the untrained ears of his teammates.

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Introduction/Overview of the Security Technology

            In a company that engages in software development, reputation for credibility and integrity is important to ensure that rights and privileges are protected, and needs are addressed. It has to uphold the importance of governance in its operation management systems to uphold its purpose, which is to achieve stakeholder needs, conditions and options that are evaluated to determine balanced, agreed-on enterprise objectives (“Definition: Governance,” 2016). With governance, the company’s management is guided in the right direction through prioritization and decision-making; it is also able to monitor its performance properly not just by complying with agreed-on direction but also meeting set objectives for the company to accomplish.

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College Essay Example: CSIA 301 Case Study #1

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The main purpose of endpoint protection platform (EPP) is to secure any computer system or hardware from malicious attacks (Dalziel, 2015). EPP software aims to detect intrusions such as malwares that may harm the integrity of the system. EPP software detects behavioral patterns in all types of malwares (Dalziel, 2015). The key to successful detection is the ability of EPP software to deal with an average of 100 MB .dat files and thousands added each day to accurately capture a pattern (Dalziel, 2015). In recent years, most companies rely on EPPs to secure their computer systems. Generally, EPP comprises products, namely, anti-malware, anti-spyware, firewalls, intrusion prevention, port and device protection, full-disk and file encryption, endpoint data loss prevention, vulnerability assessment, application control, and mobile device management (Firstbrook, Girard, & MacDonald, 2013). How each is applied depends on the need of the users.

Most EPP companies today rely on classic signature-based attack detection or “compromise-first detection” because of the difficulty to differentiate between normal and attack modes, resulting in both high false positives and high false negatives (Dalziel, 2015, p.3). This situation occurs when EPP software is unable to distinguish between normal and attack traffic, resulting in the overlap of two distributions evaluated by the EPP software (Dalziel, 2015). This study selects and reviews the capabilities of ESET.

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