A Simple and Effective Guide to Writing Basic Essay

Of all writing assignments and projects, writing an essay can be the easiest and most convenient to do. It does not require you to search and read a lot. It would only need you to write what your mind conceives based on experiences, previous learning, reflections and critical thinking. Essays capture your own views and ideas. Just give it all you know and think then present them in an organized manner using simple language. Here are some tips on writing basic essay:

  • Choose a topic that you know well and to which you could relate much but is current and can be interesting to your audience.
  • Decide on your main point and have it stated through a coherent thesis statement on the introduction part.
  • Write the body as an elaboration of the main point. If there are sub-points, arrange them according to the order of importance.
  • Finally, write a conclusion that wraps up all the thoughts presented in the body with emphasis on the main point.

A written outline may help organize the ideas, but you may just write any idea that comes into your mind anytime of the process and have them arranged later. What comes into your mind now might be forgotten a second or a minute later.

The structure is simple. Just have the introduction, body and conclusion all written in coherent paragraphs. After having the first draft, be willing to reread, revise and edit for an improved work.


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